Hey! thank you for your comments, I will update the answer with what you just shared, thats a great article thank you!

In other hand based on your title of CTO I am guessing that you probably had to hire/ interview candidates in different levels of expertise am I right? based on that can you please share with us what do you look for in a junior iOS dev? can you share some topics that you think are a “must know” for a junior dev? because based on this blog post http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/every-junior-ios-developer-needs-know and the interviews I’ve been on, topics like GCD are very important to know even if you are starting as a developer and it will be very helpful to know a different point of view and get some tips for a more experienced profesional. Thank you in advance for your time, looking forward for your tips and comments.

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Senior iOS Engineer #latinintech

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